What do you do for Me at Smarthome.id ?
We are your advisors and partners to go from an Idea, a dream or a desire of a Home with spectacular wow effects, automation, and AI, to a sound and concrete reality of delivering your Project.

Done Right, In-time, Perfectly.
What sets you apart from the other Smarthome Systems... ?
n.1 - Speed and Reliability

We pride ourselves to deliver in the milisecond time frame !

Have you ever noticed, that virtually every Home Automation System have the responisiveness of a Sloth...

And it goes from mildy annoying to barely acceptable.
Not so much noticeable when you press 1 switch to control 1 light.

But as soon as you activate a scene controlling 5 or more devices and lights...
It's like watching a Slow Motion Video !
Their responsiveness is measurable in full multiples of seconds

When you chose our Techology... we" Bend and Warp" Space and Time!
It is so Optimized that the responsiveness is down to just a few miliseconds!

At least 3 orders of magnitude compared to what you have ever seen and tried.

n.2 - Open Source Standards, Open Source Technologies

No more closed and propietary systems and technolgies that are expensive and clunky.
We use the latest, the brightest, and the fastest that exist.

Modern, Lightweight and Hyper-Responsive technologies, constantly supported, updated and upgraded.

n.3 - Not just Smart, but also Durable and Reliable Products.

Our products are manufactured following the highest standards available on the market today. So that you can enjoy your Smart Home devices for years you to come.
Is there a Typical scenario and pricing For a 2 or 3 Bedrooms home ?
As mentioned above on our Q&A,
it’s a Project. And as such it will includes more or less features.

To summarize a few of the main Smarhome integrations and systems :

  • Lighting and Switches Control, with respective Scenes (Grouping of Lights).
  • Climate Control, werever it’s cooling or heating.
  • Access Control, with Smart Door Locks, Smart Intercoms.
  • Security and Surveillance via the integration of Smart Cameras.
  • Intrusion Monitoring with Smart Sensors for Doors and Windows, and Motion Sensors
  • Security and Prevention of elemental disasters like Fire or Water via the integration of Smoke and Water Leaking sensors
  • Smart Multimedia with the integration of Smart Speakers and Smart TVs and Projectors for the ultimate Home Theatre experience and multi-rooms Audio.
  • And even Smart Cleaning with Smart Robots that Vacuum or Mop your floors
And theses are the just the main aspects of a Smart Home.

How much my SmartHome will cost ?
A Smart Home Project and Implementation is like Every Home.
It’s a little bit unique, like it’s Owners.

Yes, you can sometimes buy a House like a Product,
as a Prefab home or in a case of a Multi Development of Villas or Apartments scenario.
But even there, you will have to customize your Accessories, Finishing and Options.
Which will affect the bottom price.

In a Smart Home… it’s all and everything about details, accessories, and finishing.

But no worries… our consultants are here to help and walk You through
the detailed projecting and designing phases to chose every single aspects
and interactions to make your smart home work for You the way You want it.

And, as we refining the Project to it’s finalized version,
hand to hand will go with the Final and Full Costs for your TurnKey Smart Home.